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Essays, workshop-related materials, and a few drafts

This page contains links to a lot of unpublished material, or at least hard to find publications like workshop reports and position papers.

Essays (for fun)

*The Key (probably my most popular non-technical essay)
After the Fire
Work and Spirit

Essays (how to)

How to design a presentation on design

Essays (Technology related)

On the HCI and interaction design fields
*Theory, Theory (a poem on the role and state of theory in HCI)
Design as Storytelling (about 'process' interaction design)

On Telework
*On the Experience of Remote Meetings
Some Notes on Telework
A Teleworker's Reflections (ECSCW '01 Position Paper)

Other reflections on technology
*Ask Not for Whom the Bell Tolls [pdf] (published in CACM,but still a fun read)
The World Wide Web as Social Hypertext
Reflections on the Transformation of Email

A 750 word sidebar for HCI 2020 that was not published

The Future of the Audience

The following essays were written for a course on genre theory, and will not be of interest to most...
*The Rising Digital Tide (essay - genre theory)
Genre Blending (essay - genre theory)
Image as Workplace (essay - genre theory)
How to Do Things with Genre (essay - genre theory)
Theories as Genres (essay - genre theory)
Appropriable Technology (essay -genre theory)


Workshop Position Papers, Reports, etc.

Some Thoughts on a Framework for Crowdsourcing. A Position Paper for the CHI 2011 Workshop on Crowdsourcing and Human Computation

Geocentric Crowdsourcing and Smarter Cities: Enabling Urban Intelligence in Cities and Regions. A position paper for the 1st International workshop on ubiquitous crowdsourcing

A Social Proxy for Collective Search. A Position Paper of the CSCW 2010 Workshop on Collaborative Information Seeking

Social Computation and Temporal Structure: Reflections on A position paper for a CSCW workshop

Trust Among Strangers. A Position Paper for the CSCW ‘06 Workshop: Revisiting Online Trust

Cooperation Among Strangers: Visualizing Norms as a Means of Supporting Cooperation in Online Systems. A position paper for a CHI 2006 workshop

Sustaining Community – Incentive Mechanisms in Online Systems. A Report from the Group 2006 workshop.

Silence, Murmurs and Applause: Reflections on Expressions of Collections" [pdf]. A position paper for the CHI 2003 workshop on "Subtle Expressivity in Characters and Robots," which argues that groups may be said to have analogs of facial expressions in their collective behavior (e.g. applause) and discussing how to design 'expressions' for online groups.

A Sketch of a Pattern Language for Managing By Email. A position paper for the ECSCW03 on patterns. And also a poster.

Babble: Supporting Conversation in the Workplace (Position Paper)

A Teleworker's Reflections A position paper for an ECSCW01 workshop.

Pattern Languages as Languages. A position paper for a CHI 2000 workshop on patterns.

Dealing with Community Data [pdf] A Report from the CSCW 2000 Workshop of that name.

Other: Related to the CHI 2002 Discourse Architectures Workshop
Discourse Architectures (CHI '02 Workshop Description and Agenda)
All Discourse Architectures Position Papers (CHI '02 Workshop)
Discourse Architectures CFP (CHI02 Workshop CFP)

Other: Related to the HICSS Persistent Conversation Workshop and Minitrack Series
HICSS Persistent Conversation description and history, with links to all papers


Various Drafts

In a Glass Darkly: Reflections on the Construction and Co-Evolution of Object and Personal Identity" [pdf]
This is a draft and somewhat rough. Abstract: "We analyze the co-construction of identity - of objects, collections, people and institutions - by collectors of early American glass. We define intrinsic and extrinsic features of identity; and we discuss the social and institutional mechanisms involved in establishing and vetting identity, as well as pathologies that result from their failure."

Tom Erickson

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