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Tom Erickson's Publications




Florian Floyd Mueller, Pedro Lopes, Paul Strohmeier, Wendy Ju, Caitlyn Seim, Martin Weigel, Suranga Nanayakkara, Marianna Obrist, Zhuying Li, Joseph Delfa, Jun Nishida, Elizabeth Gerber, Dag Svanes, Jonathan Grudin, Stefan Greuter, Kai Kunze, Thomas Erickson, Steven Greenspan, Masahiko Inami, Joe Marshall, Harald Reiterer, Katrin Wolf, Jochen Meyer, Thecla Schiphorst, and Pattie Maes. Next Steps in Human-Computer Integration,. Proc. CHI 2020. ACM Press, May 2020.


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Erickson, T. The Virtual Side of Large-scale Hybrid Events: Reflections from a Study of a Large Virtual Conference. A position paper for the CSCW 2018 workshop on Hybrid Events. November 2018.

Muller, M. and Erickson, T. In the Data Kitchen: A Review (a design fiction on data science). Proc. CHI 2018 – Extended Abstracts (alt.CHI). April 2018.

Shamekhi A. Liao, Q. V., Wang, D., Bellamy, R. and Erickson, T. Face Value? Exploring the Effects of Embodiment for a Group Facilitation Agent. Proc. CHI 2018., April 2018.


Niemanstverdreit, and Erickson, T. Recurring Meetings: An Experiential Account of Repeating Meetings in a Large Organization.Proc. of the ACM on CSCW, November 2017.

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Topkara, M., Erickson, T., Topkara, U., and Narayanaswami, C. Enabling Multiple QR Codes in Close Proximity. arXiv:1510.08210, 2015.


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Tom Erickson

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